New Work on Temples - 2014
"On Her Own Terms." 
We weren’t sure if we would share the more personal photos of Cathy’s experience but she’s felt pretty strongly about not hiding anything she’s going through. Hair loss started last night so instead of giving it any power, Cathy decided to have me shave her head this morning.
signed 8x12” print - now available on our fundraiser: #art #prints
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I could use your help! - check out a “magazine” I’ve been putting together for a while now!!!
Cover by Jack Davison

COMMUNE (verb)
- to converse or talk together, usually with profound intensity, intimacy, etc.; interchange thoughts or feelings.
Quarterly online issues of art-driven photography (across genres) with an annual “Best of” print edition.
I had a hunger for a magazine that would challenge (me) people to view work across genres and make transitions from hard social issues to fantasy/beauty and back. 
To not only view the work individually but also to explore what the works say in contrast to each other. I wanted a magazine that celebrated great work on merit alone with no commercial interference. Hopefully that doesn’t come across as pretentious because the goal is furthest from that. 
Thanks to so many artists I adore for taking the time to be involved and to let me share the work I love and follow every day.
I can’t wait to share these artists with you on a quarterly basis.
Nadine by Robert Gaudette #art #toronto #photography
Nadine @ chantalenadeau by Robert Gaudette #portrait #toronto #intangible
Larsen by Robert Gaudette
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Robert Gaudette - 2012

We sleep here - Robert Gaudette

#throwbackthursday  - new shot from one of my all-time favourite shoots with Larsen


Another shot from my Missy Ink Suspension piece

by Robert Gaudette